Unique Parquet flooring

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Parquet flooring – Spending time in the retail and wood flooring in front of traders will find lasting favorite “The wood flooring 3.5 lanes, pin oak, cherry, bamboo, birch, beech, and that somewhere in the back, and the wooden parquet floor will be hiding. Parquet wood floors deserve more attention than it gets. It looks great, it’s easy to install, and adds instant class to a room.

Wood parquet: its reputation precedes it?

Enjoyed last parquet wood floors that high-toned, back as far as three centuries. A tour of the houses of Europe and the castle, parquetry wood fine undoubtedly adorn your feet tired tourists. Wooden parquet floors perfectly suited to complex patterns. Skilled craftsmen can achieve sparkling, three-dimensional look.

Wood floor that installs like slab

Parquet flooring is other solid wood flooring differences can claim: simple, and installation of glue down tiles manageable sizes. Although you will find many varieties of floating, self-stick, glue down wood flooring, if you intend to install real wood with the comfort install glue down, parquet flooring is your answer.

Do not hammer or nailing required because wood parquet tiles usually come in 12 “× 12”, about 30 lbs each fund and easy to handle. Hardwood can see your own tax molasses, and the strength of your arm. In about 7-10 mm and parquet wood floors slippery and easy to cut.

Last aristocratic wooden parquet flooring is ironic, considering Khashab ornate wood, which is one way to take advantage of the rest of the other small timber is a very small word. Amount of wood “puzzle pieces” means that the wood fibers that work in both directions, perpendicular to each other. This provides an attractive appearance parquet wood, but it also means that the sandy floor needs to be dealt with very soft. Sanding must be consistent with the wood fibers and wheat difficult when running in different directions for Parquet flooring.


16 Photos of the Unique Parquet flooring


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