Marshmallow sofa – Irving Harper and George Nelson as designer sofa

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Marshmallow sofa – the sofa is manufactured by an American modernist furniture company Herman Miller, originally produced between 1956 and 1961. The most famous are of all modernist couches. This Marshmallow sofa was designed by Irving Harper; George Nelson & Associates are manufactured in two lengths from 1956 to 1961. It consists of a metal frame with a round disk of foam covered, or “marshmallow”, which spreads across the back seat and the order of the lattice.

George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa to change the traditional three-dimensional object to mess with attached eighteen colorful pillows to a steel frame that simple. This is due to the unusual shape and construction marshmallow sofa, which is one of the leading sofa in design history. An extension with six extra pillows can be mounted between two units of the couch, making it possible to make unlimited long sofa. Individual pillows upholstered with strong vinyl cover.

George Nelson is among the most important figures in American design. As an architect, designer, exhibition designer and publisher, he was a very influential figure in the design and architectural discourse for decades. It is the only company authorized to produce the particular choice of various products to Europe and South Asia. With us, and therefore can be sure to have a real Nelson.

Marshmallow sofa entertaining contribution to the modern design of the designer George Nelson and Irving Harper in 1956, is one of the most fantastic addition that you can do business offices, and design of the lobby and lounge, or project design interior of your home. Auctions sold this masterpiece of modern designer for more than $ 100,000 (US). However, fans can modern furniture did not release the interpretation Nelson sofa modern living. Copy quality marshmallow sofa satisfy fans of modern furniture today to enjoy the versatility nice George Nelson. If you are willing to buy sofa convert modern or modern interior design of your home office for buying Marshmallow sofa.


12 Photos of the Marshmallow sofa – Irving Harper and George Nelson as designer sofa


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