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Large wall decor – Making artwork large wall show not only your creativity in a way that attracted the attention of someone enters the room the moment, but also fun to do. Whether you choose to use paint and canvas, paper or mixed media to create your own works of art, and there are some decisions to make in advance to make sure the large wall art that talent will show your best.

The first option is to make a large wall decor for art project you are whether to make it directly to the wall or to produce a piece of art hangs on wall. In this case you need to consider how you are going to hang it. In both cases, you must calculate the size you want to be the final piece and mark dimensions on the wall with masking tape. Adjust the scheme artistic seems too big or too small, the measurement of final dimensions. Consideration in form of non-standard is for your artwork such as a circle or a series of boxes instead of one large rectangle.

Choice of materials your art goes hand in hand with the previous decision. Although you can paint or collage directly to stretched canvas or even a wall, a piece of art fabric, such as quilts. Wall hangings will be in all cases, your core works of art with careful preparation. If you paint, wash drawing will be part of your wall, or preparation stretched canvas with gesso or primer if necessary. If you hang a blanket, cut and hem the fabric for the base. Collect all the ingredients you need including tools such as brushes, masking tape, sewing thread or glue.

This art has also worked Great Wall of China will be a focal point in your room, you can match it with the room decor is your style and color, like a scene in a quiet colors in a room or official vibrant, primary-colored piece of abstract in the contemporary one. Or, for more contrast, create a work of art that is the opposite in style and color to your room decor. Examples mural include remote beach in the formal dining room or a large black-and-white flowers in the bathroom. Have fun with large wall décor.


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