Cork floors is everything about durability

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Cork flooring – has served as a role model for more than 100 years now. Cork floor stand option typical floor coverings, affordable and beautiful with a lot of benefits. Durability is one of the notable advantages of cork floor and can be linked with three elements – the completion of the cork, durability and unique structure and chemical composition.

End: Cork itself is extremely corrosion resistant material and deal with the completion of the protective further enhances durability. His factory is applied (acrylic, urethane or wax) on the surface of the cork floor that protects from harmful elements such as moisture, chemicals, dirt and other substances that are harmful.

Flexibility of Cork flooring very difficult once installed. Features that contribute to the continuity of the resistance because it allows floor is naturally resistant to damage from scratches and plumbing due to impact and friction. We have an excellent ability to recover from the high heels, heavy, and abrasion.

Structure and chemical composition: The structure consists of a hollow cork cells, 14, joined the two cells together in a situation like honey. These cells have a cell wall, which is a very powerful but flexible. It is a waxy substance that serves to prevent water from penetrating the cork network. This combination will contribute greatly to making cork flooring water and airtight, and the preservation of the beauty and structural integrity of the cork for decades.

Serves the cork oak bark as a garrison is for an average of 500 years of survival and difficult to defend against climate change and a lot of fire attached to the region. It is also resistant to more than 38 species of insects, including termites, and the development of microbes. Natural structure, chemical composition and properties of cork oak bark defensive contribute to the amazing properties of cork flooring: endurance and durability, insulation against heat and noise and insects.

Because cork flooring durability, it is suitable for commercial and residential applications including installation in places that are not recommended other types of flooring. Nice try in Cork flooring.


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