Stylish British Cottage Garden

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Cottage Garden – different styles of garden design using traditional materials informal, planting dense and a mixture of ornamental plants and edible. The British, home garden depends on the grace and charm, they are rather than grandeur and formal structure. Is connected to a simple and functional home park of the working class several centuries back, but the renewal has grown in stylized versions Britain in the 1870s, as a reaction to the real English garden a more structured and rigorous stated that the use of formal design and overall greenhouse planting annuals brilliant.

You do not need to travel to the English countryside to experience the charm and tranquility of the English Cottage Garden. They are very flexible and can grow anywhere, even here in the United States, including the northern region we have. The most popular garden is because of the “natural” feelings raise. It looks as if there was not necessary to create beauty layout. Not sure how to start in the classic English garden design your own home, compared with the official border? Here are three simple steps to follow.

The first step is to choose 3-4 basic colors to create continuity in the garden. It is possible by using an amazing bloom against permanent color. Cannot be achieved using a variety of many colors dark version and pigments light version of the primary colors. Roses, delphiniums, and foxglove are a traditional crop option even if you are not limited to this.

Although the free flowing gardens in the English language need some structure. Thus, the second step is to interest groups together without symmetrical either the width or height. You can create balance and harmony in bed with a flower shape, size and paper, and texture. It often three feet or wider and very curvy limits. They are narrower in some parts and more in other areas. This bed design brings intrigue to what lays behind the deeper areas a mix of plants that you stumble. English garden is all about surprises. Have fun with Cottage Garden.


16 Photos of the Stylish British Cottage Garden


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