Solid wood flooring

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Wooden flooring – The name suggests for this type of wood flooring solid wood all way through from top to bottom. This is similar to the other stick sawed timber directly from the record – not to add any additional materials. It usually calls simply “hardwood floors”.

Hardwood floors come either incomplete or semi-processed. Unfinished wood tends to be a bit cheaper than the semi-finished, but the light does not require near-sanding, staining (optional), and sealing after installation. With half-finished, you can walk it after installation. With unfinished, you need to reduce the use of even that was closed. After sealing, and will have to wait at least 48 hours for the sealant to dry. Even then, there may be a need for additional coats. With unfinished, and the advantage is that you can stain and seal to your exact specifications. With semi-finished, and the advantage is the quick turnaround time.

One popular Wooden flooring is bamboo (grass instead of wood, but is usually classified as a timber). Is highly bamboo flooring for “green” clear estimate recipes environmentally friendly.

Wood should be nailed to the wood floor of subcontractors. In contrast to the other options are wood flooring, cannot be installed directly on concrete or on top of the existing floor. Because nail down the condition, it is recommended that you hire a wood floor installer. If you want, it is possible to hire a stapler floor of the home improvement center.

Because wood is prone to scratches and dents, you will need to pay special attention to the Janka hardness scale, and the purchase of the species (ie, oak, ash, etc.) timber fit your lifestyle and budget.

 The biggest advantage of laminate flooring is that it can be re-sanded, many times, stretching her life literally for decades. The biggest drawback: it cannot be installed in wet areas such as basements or bathrooms. Be successes in wooden flooring.


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