Modern kitchen tiles based on Barbara Sallick

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Modern kitchen tiles – You can select new tile flooring and kitchen backsplashes be fraught with uncertainty. There is a puzzling choice, including a variety of materials, treatment, and sizes to choose from. How do you know which option will do my best and easier to maintain? What is the latest product offering? What to keep in mind when it comes to installation? To help narrow in field, we recently spoke with many of the tiles for professionals in Modern kitchen tiles.


“Ceramics and Glass is an excellent choice for a backsplash because they are easy to maintain and come in a variety of exceptional color, shape, style, and price points,” said Didi Gundberg, Development Manager Product portfolio Ann Sacks. “Ceramic is an excellent choice for flooring because it is a low-maintenance, and tiles tend format, which means fewer plaster.”

At the high end, natural stone is also very popular, notes Gundberg, but not necessarily better in terms of inspired performance. Many varieties of rocks, including limestone and marble, and is sensitive to acids and can be engraved with a mark or stain, and therefore should be carefully sealed.

That caution is worth it, says Barbara Sallick, senior vice president of design at the taps. “I personally think that the best stone in the ground,” he said. “But you have to be careful about the type of stone you are using. For example, I would not choose limestone kitchen floor, because the material has a lot of holes in it, and it is a place for Ljma dirt.”

Finally, be creative when deciding on planning. Think of the orientation of the tiles, To make the kitchen feel more modern, I might take a 3″ × 6 “tiles and run vertically, or, running horizontally and only box, rather than bond brick, so that everything lined up. You can change the shape of the tiles with the direction in which you lie down. Have fun with Modern kitchen tiles.


13 Photos of the Modern kitchen tiles based on Barbara Sallick


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