Decorating Boy Diaper Cakes

Posted On: April 7, 2021 - By admin
boy bassinet diaper cake

Boy diaper cake is an impressive gift for the expectant mother. Diaper cake for a baby boy can also be utilized as centerpieces for baby shower. The diaper cake can be made from eighty baby diapers and customized with attracting colors like green, blue, yellow or other colors that matches the theme. The baby items for diaper cake ought to be small enough around the diaper cake.

How to decorate baby boy diaper cakes?

Once you’re done crafting the diapers into shape, now it’s time to decorate it. First, you have to create the cake base out of cardboard by placing the cake on a cardboard and draw an outline with pencil. Then, cut the circle from the cardboard. After that, wrap a ribbon all around the layers. Cut the ribbon to make a slight overlap. Fasten the ribbon by sticking the two ends altogether. And the most important point is coming. Place decorative ornaments like flowers on the cake. You can also use colorful tissues or paper.

Tips on decorating diaper cakes

If you’re an environmentalist, you can use cloth diapers. The cake would probably be smaller since you don’t have to use many diapers. Remember to let mommy know if there are any fragile gifts inside the diaper cake.

boy airplane diaper cake

15 Photos of the Decorating Boy Diaper Cakes

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