Bamboo flooring: solid wood alternative

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Bamboo flooring – Bamboo is popular with some designers because it looks sweet. He said he was “more subtle, less” complex ‘than other wood Roger Ferris, an architect in Westport, Connecticut. When the earth is displayed, and a lot of people think immediately of traditional wooden planks. This is a great idea: they are elegant, beautiful, and add value to your home. However, they are also expensive and difficult in the environment. Thus, in spite of the traditional wood is an option, there are also new materials on the market that has gained popularity because of its power, choice, and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, when you are shopping around, bamboo flooring is the thing that is definitely worth checking out.

Exotic construction

Guest what? No Bamboo flooring technically wood, although it is more difficult than most hardwoods, it is in fact a form of grass. Grown in many cases in China and elsewhere in Asia, it shoots a hollow cut, sliced into strips, then wrapped together to look like a traditional woody plants. Often come in two colors: natural light colors, or they can be boiled, often called charred to look darker (but it also can make it a little softer as well). Although there are only two colors, because the abundance in general, are a ton of color options available there.

Creating a strong environment

In the world: One of the unique features of bamboo flooring environment is that it is very friendly. Bamboo reaches full maturity in just a few years, unlike wood, which require tens of years to grow. In addition, to renew it without need for replanting. In fact, if it is not often cut which can really put the pressure on the environment? This makes it completely from renewable resources. The initial production is almost no impact on nature because no pesticides or fertilizer required in their development. And do not worry about the mother animal: panda really eat different types of bamboo in different parts of the country. Have best Bamboo flooring.


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