Antique Vintage wall décor

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Vintage wall décor – Collection of antique mirrors create elegant and sophisticated in-room wall. Groups of the same shape and color frame or materials, or assemble in a particular pattern, such as Art Deco, French or Moroccan. Window style mirror from the 1930s through the1960s often display skillfully carved wood, metal or glass with gold leaf gilding, too. You can create a beautiful appearance and character of antique mirrors gain with age with the process of chemical effects. After stripping paint with support thinner, hydrochloric acid spray randomly across the mirror behind the mirror film, essentially solving part of the reflective material.

Vintage frames

Using the framework of an empty wine find and savings in stores where yard sales to decorate the walls of your room. Various shapes and sizes have the most interesting. Frames display with cracked, peeling paint in the cottage or shabby bed elegant style. Frames Art Deco style adds a timeless look in the bedroom talks. Framed within the context, use sealed in many of the tire design, as well as an additional benefit of Vintage wall décor

Vintage wallpaper

Close the wall behind your bed with antique background pattern in colors will complement, contrast or coordinate with your bedding and general style of the room. Include background vintage patterns or oversized retro flowers small, Damascus classic, stripes, paisleys, geometric patterns and color schemes such as orange and brown retro designs. Wall shelf ordinary or plain wooden board Cornice be closed when the wall elegant decor vintage background. The remaining background memorandums make interesting wall art when framed.

Vintage Collection

Shelves provide dimension and depth to collect vintage. Fill wall shelf with mementos and treasures vintage, like old books, old bottles, pictures vintage, classic toys, antique porcelain, ancient vases, candleholders, figurines or rare finds from flea markets, shops and antique or a sales page that returns from the 1930s through 1960s. Leave some empty space on the ground until the roof rack. That is all about Vintage wall décor.


22 Photos of the Antique Vintage wall décor


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